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4th Density Earth: New Environment. New Atmosphere. New Bodies.

COVID-19 Adaptation
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United States
02/14/2020 04:55 AM
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4th Density Earth: New Environment. New Atmosphere. New Bodies.
As Earth continues its transition to a 4th density environment, all of the properties of the planet change accordingly. For our purposes, this means the human body must adapt and change to the new environmental conditions. Signs of this adaptation process are sickness and more exacting viral shedding during the seasonal cycles. COVID-19 is not a bioweapon and is not exclusive to China. It isn't being spread by Chinese people and is not contagious between people. The inverted mind does not comprehend nor does it understand how the human body works, what viruses are, how and why they are produced, and what to do when virally shedding begins - for ANY kind of viral shed. The mentally deranged 'scientists' of the medical church think that suppressing the human being's ability to virally shed is healthy - when, in fact, such endeavors destroy health. Vaccination is one of their chief means to this end - which leads to accelerating degrading,, disfiguring, and ultimately accelerated death of the organism.

The COVID-19 viral shed now manifesting in all populations of the Earth is a sign of the human population in a stage of adapting to the new planetary conditions through the seasonal shedding process that occurs in the Winter months. China is being held up as 'ground zero' for this - not because it isn't happening everywhere else - but because this is expedient for managing the psychology of the world's populations nation by nation. That's the name of the game in the power circles - compartmentalization of the human herd - which is how they view human beings - as cattle and livestock.

As a result of their method of 'governance', the admittance of world-wide exposure - and its attendant sickness caused as people transition (some successfully, others - a lot of others - not) is happening in stages and with the directive that China be held up as the 'cause'. This will, inevitably, backfire and cause even more upheaval as populations begin to understand that they are not only being lied to about their being considered as diseased by the medical church management system - but also are not being told the truth about what a virus is, what is happening to their bodies that lead to the production of viruses by one and all in the first place, and what's actually happening to this planet and themselves.

A new Earth is unfolding and being born - and it's just beginning to dawn on people that their leaders are tasked with assuring that most never make it into that world...
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 78463632
02/15/2020 10:21 AM
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Re: 4th Density Earth: New Environment. New Atmosphere. New Bodies.
Please, explain more.