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Message Subject The Evidence - of being TLOTGFOL
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I’ll give you a quick preview

I was shot with a bliss gun enough to kill me opened up an alternate reality
2012 saw sun orbs all weekend as Spirit merged with me
2015 Spirit merged again I’m barren no female organs felt baby kick
In my womb

I saw ET beings like predator walk in front of me saw the invisible grooves
Walked right in front of me.

25/30 stars moved made a cross in a circle
Saw stars come down hover over roofs
Felt power feel my being. I had a sense as a god

I feel I’m someone’s twin from another place.
Not Of this world.
Stars communicate to me all the time
I ask them guestions and they respond.

Oh I woke up with different private parts.
That was around 2013/14?

Between 2012 / 2015 I had high synapsis activity.

I was moved to this parrellel world it’s not the same everyone’s different.
It’s the cause of my depression.

I want to find a Galactic friend.
I know I had homes in other star systems and I’m terribly home sick.
Of a place I don’t remember.

Ok check back tomorrow
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