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Triangle table talks: Part ! the USA

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08/20/2007 01:30 PM
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Triangle table talks: Part ! the USA
Did not nostra-pothead-dames, mention Ibiza in one of his predictions?

in 2003, I went on Holiday there, and on that particular places, I was actually reminded
other people excist, or lured into that idear

after inflicting ingredients:
-read almost every book of St. Nietzschi and of course disregarding most of it, by the book...
-experiments with diet (veg, vegan, 'raw foodism', sports) btw. I was a real dietary racist, or, but that does sound, too literal, dietary discriminator .... hear? doesn't sound
-extreme solitude; sms, email, and television as though non-excistant
-search commands about eternal life

I do not know exactement, but I wrote a 2 pages onset for a novel I thought, around that Summer time 2003
I do not know who was first, on 'the 100th monkey effect', but this novel resembles in a way '28 days' and 'dog soldier'

and recently yes, I am reminded other people REALLY EXCIST !!!!

how do you faint interest? the demon child, who always had to win, when he was young, now learnt

..... you tilt your head, to the left or right. Other people might (potentially) be good enough to learn something from!!!

180 degrees this EARTH will be, that would look sooooo feng shui cool

thank you thank you

and yes why do they say

'hero's are born on the country, and cowards are raised in the city.'

MAO's agricultural revolution, the red, cuban book.

WELL, COUNTRY CHILDREN, play and grow up amongst animals and close to nature, because that
hero/coward statement is an
o v e r g e n e r a l i z a t i o n

not only everbody will be condemned to 15 minutes of fame, also a heavy petting zoo

why yes, farmers, they, FEED you, but you had to do almost everything, to make
fake quotations and laws and commerce, so you can steel, and fuel a surrogate industry such as marketing .... you know
cocaine + wild ideas = commercial
(bring upon discourage, and disease amongst our cattle, and some men, actually hung themselves on a rope or whatever, cause all of the misery you had to eat)

THE end of marketing:
in Dutch there is a saying, 'good wine does not need an etiquete'
(best idear for agricultural revolution, buy from your local farmer.....)

I brevaly recommand, Architecture (first occupation I ever found appealing) Agri-culture and Aristocracy in reconsideration.

I once spoke to a young woman, she interviewed me 'bout 5 years ago, about my then silly conviction on 'raw foodism' ....

and we had a nice conversation I think.... when I explained a was from a farm, and explaining my history, she remarked/concluded/analysed .... people (imo or aka kids), were jealous for that, growing up on a farm ....

I also threw in a random genius quotation:

'to me death is like a father, standing outside the soccerfield and encouraging you for prestige'

yea well

btw, what has worth form the US, thru mainstream media, that is.....

-the Unabomber manifesto, 'cept the violent performance, one of the sharpest minds or observations, from contemporary American scientists... Theodore
-eventhough amusing I have seen and odd dozen coupla shows of simpsons and south park, ironic wisdom for a kid
-punkrock music .... very thought-provoking harsh, truthfull heartment, sarcastic comments I heard .... yes and the tempo had to be too fast .....
-skateboarding (did it for 'bout 4 years, and concluded: this is ballet for tough guys)
-(stoner)rock, grunge (btw, the dresscode .... how can I enjoy these cloths, from cruel masters, with blood stains ..... NO LOGO)
-well, there is a body cultus, yet at the same time the other half is obese .... there is great creativation, yet many on pharmacy ..........
-I find the Civil War very interesting, Glory, Gods and generals, Gettysburg, is a mighty fine, BALANCED display of both sides thrillogy
-some literature, coupla movies
-and more
-not much more
-oh yea, SUPERficiality, for the sake of distancing spontaneous, but I would definitely look into all the predominately christian cults, that mostly fled out, of Europe....

No kudos;
for computergames, cause game time is ova'
... well, just my opinion, for me its a surrogate activity par excellance ....
& the prisonal system, for you'd rather make an industry around St. Anger, than educate blond beasts AND
how much racial-inter-continental solidarity is there between negro's and Africa?

What my Spiritual Master Nietzsche saw upon Europe, I will dissect upon 'the world within the world' ... the United States of America

'all my life, loathing America, oh oh oh'