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Message Subject The Hebrews built a HOLY TEMPLE before Solomon's in Arad
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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In the Royal fortress of Arad on the borders of the Negev, a whole temple – modeled like Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem in Arad fortress on Judah’s southern border. It is the only Judahite Temple ever discovered. This most amazing archaeological discovery is at Tel Arad . It is one of the most important archaeological sites in Israel, on which were found the remains of a fortresses from the time of the Kings of Judah. .A fortified city from the Israelite period (Iron Age), with a unique temple and remarkable water facility.

The Temple was used from the eleventh century BCE until the eighth century BCE when the religious reforms, established with the opening of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem banned all Temples and places of worship around the kingdom except the Holy Temple King Solomon built in Jerusalem. Before this Israelites had been living in the promised land for nearly 250 years. The sanctuary that they had bought with them from their travels in the wilderness, called the “Mishcon” (Taberbacle) served as their central place of worship, but it was permitted to have also private alters called “Bamot” during this period , up until King Solomon built The Holy Temple in Jerusalem.
In keeping with the instructions from the “House of Jehovah” – the temple at Arad was carefully buried inside the walls of the massive border fortress of the kingdom of Judah – and never seen again, until it was rediscovered, intact, during excavations in the 1960s.

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 Quoting: The Promised Land 78472770

So this also suggests that the Al Asqa mosque which was built on this 'second' temple mount 1200 years ago is actually the rebuilt temple of the antichrist and he just needs to come take it?
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