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Message Subject CNN clowns at it again - "Russia is looking to help Trump win in 2020, election security official told lawmakers"
Poster Handle CSnow
Post Content
Godlike Productions is the LAX of shills. Shills for Trump, Shills for China, Shills for Russia, Shills for (insert party line here). About all it's good for now is to see the shills traffic and gather what little meaning they may harbor.
 Quoting: Top 1% of the 50 cent Army 78150776

So why do you have a soft spot in your heart - or at least a less hard one - for the ruthless, cunning, inhumane ultra-liberals of modern history? From the Joseph Stalins to the Karl Marxs. From the Mao Tse-tungs to the Fidel Castros. From the Che Guevaras to the Hugo Chavezs. From the Pol Pots, Ho Chi Minhs to the Nicolas Maduros.

I imagine if you knew that Adolph Hitler was a homosexual into animal rights, and admired Islam but disliked Christianity, and studied and adapted the ideology of Communism, you'd have a soft spot in your heart - or less of a hard one - for him too.

Your liberalism, nonetheless, is wonderful and beautiful. As wonderful as stepping into a pile of human shit on the sidewalks of the city of San Francisco.

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