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Message Subject Thread for Prissy Preppers!!
Poster Handle 88
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Toothpicks...lots of toothpicks. If you try to eat roasted squirrel from a regular plate along with a knife and fork, it feels like a joke of a meal. If you serve the meat on toothpicks instead, it becomes a nice little high class treat. Raise your pinky finger in the air and also have a wine glass full of rain water in your other hand while doing it to increase your perception of civility.

Also, carry a simple BIC lighter. Useful for starting fires, but more importantly it can be used along with the bug spray to torch the guy you have wrapped up in your volleyball net.

Buy pants that are looser than normal in the hip and crotch area. It's hard to run away from bad guys if you have a swollen diaper and you're wearing skinny jeans.

Buy more sunscreen than you think you will need. Remember, shaved pets need their skin protected from the sun too.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78475634

Ha ha! Love this!! Lol. Perhaps I'll keep one silver-plated platter for my toothpicked squirrel dinner.

Swollen diaper and skinny jeans! lol.

Great point about pets! Did not even think of sunscreen for my 3 kitties.
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