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Message Subject Thread for Prissy Preppers!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: Chip

Puzzles and games :) And clothes for next year ...
Allow me to enlighten you.

Hmm if it is survival time the only thing u get to take is a backpack. Not 10 suitcases. And be sure to have it as lightweight as possible.

If you have to stay inside for quarantine make sure you have enough garbage bags and mask for when u have to come out u can protect yourself. A pressure suit would be the best. 0 chance of contamination. That way you can get the stuff you need.

Create an airlock in your house with decontamination part as the virus can stick on your suit.

UV al the stuff you bring in new. And if possible use other disinfectant method with isopropanol (dnnw how you call that in the US).

And you should be able to ride this out. if chaos comes due to civil unrest be sure to get off your ass and to a low populated area.
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