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Message Subject Show me God without the Bible, then prove he is your religion.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Christianity is the only religion attacked by satan, as you know.

Anyway close your self in your room, become quiet and call out to Jesus and ask Him to reveal Himself. Make sure you address Jesus the son of God born from the virgin Mary. Be specific in other words. Then brace your self for a flood of proof.
 Quoting: Waar maker

Bullshit because you see Satan was removed several hundred years ago in advance of the return of Christ Jesus... and Lucifer was removed 2000 years ago and Christ Jesus dethroned /FIRED the Prince of this world.. whose NAME is Caligastia.... back then too...

And Christ Jesus did NOT start your religion... NONE OF THE MASTERS here ever start a religion... Your religion is NOT REAL thus.

I do not feel attacking a persons religion does anything for either the accuser or the attacker except rile everyone up is that your aim? I would say a "RELIGION" that allows the leaders or any member to abuse or sexually assault any member ESPECIALLY a child those leaders need put to death immediately (firing line in mass grave imho. That religion needs to be looked at carefully by all members and search inside yourselves if it is really what a loving God would teach or promote? Just to attack someones beliefs to me is cruel and unnecessary, there are children starving out there people dying of hunger homeless in the cold. Both sides would be better off spending times helping them and animals and the like. we waste our lives behind these SCREENS!
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