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Message Subject CoViD-19 Appears to Affect Smokers Less
Poster Handle Revbo™
Post Content
Chycoms has huge vested interest in smoking products and accessories.
 Quoting: Weyoun

Yep, but many of them are switching to vapping, which is a bad idea!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76658155

I was wondering about that earlier. What makes you think it's a bad idea? I would think it would be the nicotine, as the active ingredient in cigarette smoking, that would be the variable here, not the other chemicals.
 Quoting: Revbo™

Real tobacco comes from a plant. It's all the chemical crap businesses dump off at the tobacco companies that go into the making of cigarettes. (Search that out and you will see what I mean.)

Native Americans smoked natural tobacco for 3,000 years and never got lung cancer. What they smoked was pure tobacco from the plant.
 Quoting: Catnip

I'm definitely familiar with that. When I smoked, at least the last few years, it was American Spirits, and the organic kind whenever I could find them. I definitely was a far superior smoke to the Camels that I smoked for the first ten years and now that I think about it, I don't think I got as sick as I did when I smoked Camels, although when I get sick now, as a vaper, it's significantly milder and shorter in duration than even when I smoked American Spirits.

I would really like to see the statistics on vapers within this study. Wonder if there were ANY of them. They mentioned smokers and ex-smokers, after all, so why no mention of vapers? I'm sure China has plenty of them. After all, China is where ALL the vape equipment is made.
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