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Message Subject Anyone else suffering doom fatigue?
Poster Handle Jake
Post Content

Your last line is a bit confusing, sounds like you were accusing of spinning doom.

There is real doom here.
 Quoting: Jake

listen jake, you are one of the few hear that is carrying the message of what is really going on. not some BS guy, like, "I aint worried"

I have been studying prophecy for 20 years, there is other watchers. I honestly believe. the first quarter of 202 was the first birth pang at 10 cm. duration of time between the next movement, graph at 6cm will tell the timetable.

at that point, it should be around the time of peace treaty, signed at all cards will be shown.

closer and closer we get more and more prophecy is understood, writings on the wall. many many warnings for different reasons for every different person.

god bless and keep watching
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78347381

The next year will be interesting if the Marxists gain

power... shortly after that WW3..
 Quoting: Jake

There will be a HUGE war once they find out "WHO" made this.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78453723

China already admitted they created it and it leaked out of their lab
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