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Message Subject Tractor Tards get in here... Tarctor Tard Thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
An old joke told here:

Thread: I got Banned from Tractor Supply!

First time I heard it I laughed my ass off. Hope it is new to someone else.

I forgot to tell yall i got banned from Tractor Supply last week when I got some new dog food for Buddy.
While I was in line to check out, the woman behind me says to me "oh, you've got a dog, I prefer cats. " I turned to her and said "No, I don't have a dog. I have chickens. " She'd already pissed me off and that's pretty easy when my blood sugar is low. Then she asked why I was buying dog food for my chickens. I told her it wasn't for the chickens, it's for my dog food diet even though it landed me in the hospital last time I tried it. Since finding out I have diabetes, I keep a pocket full of dog food and if I start to feel my blood sugar dropping, I eat a handful of kibbles. By then everyone in the store gathered around listening. Then the dumb bitch asked "if the dog food poisoned me and is that why I wound up in the hospital?".

I told her "No. I stepped off the curb to go sniff another dog's ass, and that's when the car hit me. "
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