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Why is the US sending multiple samples of CORONAVIRUS to University research labs?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 78331268
United States
02/22/2020 10:12 PM
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Why is the US sending multiple samples of CORONAVIRUS to University research labs?
Someone enlighten me as why it's a safe and sensible idea to send samples of sars2/ covid 19 coronavirus to University based research labs.
How on God's green earth is that a good idea?

From VVap0

"coronavirus at the center of a widening global public health emergency arrived here last Friday in two thumb-size vials


The samples, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, remained in deep freeze until Monday afternoon, when virologist Matthew Frieman at the University of Maryland School of Medicine got clearance from an internal biosafety committee to open the tubes in his secure laboratory and begin experiments."


"While the number of cases of the coronavirus continues to grow — to more than 60,000 cases, nearly all in China — the virus is also beginning to multiply in laboratories around the world. A select group of U.S. researchers have now received samples of the virus"

Secure lab? Nah I wouldn't consider that up to the standards of a biolab.

Somebody correct me but it seems dumb to let so many people around the world work on samples.

V0X had a good story on the perils that I'm imagining.

"How deadly pathogens have escaped the lab — over and over again
Research into dangerous viruses and bacteria is important, but for the deadliest pathogens, it’s not clear the benefits are worth the risks.

By Kelsey Piper Mar 20, 2019"