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Message Subject Prepping for the chaos to come
Poster Handle Manosteel
Post Content
I know most glp'ers are preppers to some extent.

I would hope most of you have a good 20-30 pounds of rice, 20-30 pounds of beans and 20-30 pounds of pasta stored away.

Make sure you have lots of water stored as well....while the taps are working, I suggest storing water in every container you can find...just to be sure.

I went a step further and have been fishing lately.

I have a chest freezer and have been stocking it with whatever I catch...big, small, doesn't matter. your basic rice and beans diet with some fish is almost the perfect nutritional meal.

I put a limit of trout in last week, today I put a limit of crappie and a bunch of bluegill and red eared sunfish in (no limits on bluegill and redears).

I like to fish and I usually catch and release. Not now and not for the foreseeable future. I am stocking that freezer to the rim with panfish if I can. They are the native equivalent of talapia. Taste yummy, very nutritious and a very sustainable/renewable source for fish.
 Quoting: Manosteel

good luck with that freezer full of fish when the power is out for a month....
 Quoting: mandit

I have means to take careof that

why are some of you so angry at people that are better prepared than you are?

I am notyour enemy just because I planned better

I saw problems coming...either this or another thing and I prepared for it

I am not hurting you, I am not fucking your wife who you have disappointed and let down....I am just saying...prepare the best you can right now

yes, some guy with lots of preps and a big cock is going to take your wife because you are a loser...but that is expected

don't be a loser
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