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Message Subject Patrick Bellringer claims recent earth axis tilt report is real
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
hey dc

great post!!!

hey bellringer,

you are totally insane. and i say this because the thesis
of yer point.
is based on aliens, spaceships and a grand illusion mastermined by the aliens on us. to cloak our passage into a 5 d existence.

fuck dude you are wacked!!!!!!!!! and a pefect example of what is wrong with most humans on the demonic side.
lies , deciept, mis info. and total bullshit.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 286419

1. i am the op, but i'm not the person who was writing to patrick. if you would pay attention you would have caught that.

2. have you ever seen a ufo? as in you saw something that could ONLY be an extraterrestrial craft? no questions asked? have you ever witnessed anything out of the ordinary?
do you watch a lot of tv and think you can find answer through mainstream media?

i'm guessing you have never seen a real ufo or anything like that. i recommend you open your mind a little and start looking for the truth rather than always denying it. THEN maybe they will show themselves to you.
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