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Message Subject Patrick Bellringer claims recent earth axis tilt report is real
Poster Handle NASA Insider
Post Content
I'm a smart gal who used to work as an astronaut with NASA. I can attest to this. I've been tracking the Sun's shadow from my garden gnome, Tinklee Winklee, since 2001. We are tilting bad. I submitted the results to my superiors at NASA, but they think me insane. I dragged one to my trailer, but Tinklee Winklee was no where to be seen!It's that bitch's fault. Colleen Shipman! She stole Tinklee Winklee! I almost recovered Tinklee Winklee from that bitch's trunk before she got away. They got me in a padded cell now for some observation. But I fooled 'em. I built a NEW Tinklee Winklee in my room - from MY feces I've been squirreling away for months now in my pillow!! Tinklee Winklee sits on the window ledge. We are tilting even more since I last checked. Anyone want to be my penpal!? William, sweety, you still there!?!

Lisa Nowak
space *hugs* y'all
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