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For the Coronavirus, timing is everything; March is the month

Shaun Kaven
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02/26/2020 01:16 PM

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For the Coronavirus, timing is everything; March is the month
The doomtards and nothing burgers need to call a truce and look at the numbers and dates. This isn't that hard to figure out.

1. There is a 20-day asymptomatic period (let's call it 3 weeks) where you can spread the contagion.

2. There is another 10 days of sickness where you think that you have the common cold.

3. After 10 days, you realize things are getting worse, not better, and you seek medical attention. Then things take a turn for the worse for another 10 days.

4. After 6-weeks, you either recover or die. If you recover, you have a 14% chance of being reinfected.

[link to twitter.com (secure)]

It's a 6-week process, so now, just do the math. It means that people in Europe who are starting to show symptoms and being diagnosed are in step 3 above, they are already in week 5.

There are probably another 10,000+ behind them in weeks 3 to 5, and another 50,000+ behind them in weeks 1 to 3.

So, if you want to accurately predict when TSHTF, it's about 3 weeks after you start seeing the first infections in any country.

China's numbers are wrong, by the way, and there is evidence: [link to www.theepochtimes.com (secure)]

The article says it's 52 times higher. That means the real numbers were 52,000 infected in China by Jan 24 and 1.6 million infected by February 6.

Brace yourselves.
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