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Telepathy, reptileans and illuminatie ... explained

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08/23/2007 04:17 AM
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Telepathy, reptileans and illuminatie ... explained
hi, ai

I am amidst of writing 'Triangle table talks Part !!!'

and since some people feel themselves rich or blessed, with nonother outcomes then of telling/ or sharing, since when they do not, insanity lures ....... ill-fated
fearmongers ....... yet being a trained psychologist ..... with enough sparetime during 7 years of college, which was mostly a waste of time, since the 60+ books I read, could be summerized in 2 or 3 pages, with 1 tot 20? sentences about various domains within psychology.

fortunately, one of my hobbys, Ethics, during formal education , which is in fact none other then supporting inertia, insecurety, and arrogance of academics who
just love to slander around with tax payers money is if it were nothing, well, indeed college and academic life, was a cold breath of stupidity, with an ongoing yearning for knowledge, so redudant, yet...... Wise-ability .... was nowhere to be found.

So what is telepathy?

yer thoughts, mantra's and or affirmations ....
and if you are (not) careful enough, the others (Which is Hell) can read, from your body (motion, movement or behaviour)

why do I draw this conclusion .... just like an inner eye, and inner smile AND ......an inner voice was 'stolen' from me..


Reptilians explained

There is a 'reptilian brain' within the brain ok? reminscent of more primative times of being, operating on the infamous 'fight/flight respons'

and yes, there are people who act, look, live like reptilian .... they are called..... the colourblind.

All of us, my dear scientologists, live in a karmic cycle of suspiscion ....what do I mean? you're ability to invent (new products and ideas and stuff, where considered devilish or evil or work of the devil in the middle ages, which have only just recently ended....) combined with the bloody mess of theft amongst all peoples, all races, every individual

+ some hard-drugs (mind you alcohol is a hard-drug as well) ...... largely administered in e.g. 60's and 70's ........has eventually led to vast conspiracies, deceit, and science-fiction of conspirital nature,
until one boy growing up in nature, and like an Unabomber, says and saw, this was all a farce....

Illuminatie explained

I have left, and now leave the black 'nobility' with a challenge, and NOW, with an ultimatum your boundaries, currency, possessions, I will steal from you, by popular demand .....verily, you would have an able son, 'bout 20-30 years old? ..... that ... would .... be worth
a gentlemensfight, no?



I'll tell, incompetent design, inertia, and the inability to see, the goddamn, sun, shine, in your fellow-men's EYE
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 211803
United States
08/23/2007 08:10 AM
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Re: Telepathy, reptileans and illuminatie ... explained
bumping intuition