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Message Subject Nine Weeks to Coronavirus Chaos in the US? (UPDATE: 28.7 M cases -- 516 K dead - Week 9 Recap: p. 53)
Poster Handle JAZZz50
Post Content
even if the govern could slow this down til APRIL,i don't see how it gets better. someone convince me that there is any way to stop the spread.the reported #'s from CHINA with the right formula shows bout 25% death rate. that is not counting what they have hidden. be glad to listen if someone can intelligently explain a way around the world being like china or worse. not just say nothinburger or flu.

the US doesn't control its ppl like CHINA does.they would have issues trying to stop travel. even the food hasd to b trucked across many states.the US is used to the stores being stocked and just in time delivery system. the sheep ain't ready for this at all.let alone how bad it gets once the healthcare workers and suuport staff quits.without CHINA nothing is being produced anywhere. can't b packaged without CHINA either.

we r in the middle of 2 DOOMS. the virus and economic problems. no supply.our economy functions $$ from bottom up to top. CHINA functions top down. if the bottom can't pay bills then what? costs to healthcare and insurance payouts will crash wall st farther.which in turn is everyone's pensions. the upper middle class or govern workers are about to find out how the working class feels.goina b a wake up to many.upper manangement are goina see family suffer as they bring the virus back from all those meetings.

the US has been on the edge for too long. this is enuf to push it over the cliff. economics,trust in govern,family deaths and hunger. half the country is begging TRUMP to save us,the other half is laughing cause they think they will win the election.

anyone thinks we will fare better than CHINA or even INDIA pleasew explain how???
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