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Subject ** USA ** COVID - Nutshell .......... WATCH Washington! ~ Food, Prep, Etc.
Poster Handle Buffalo_Gal_13
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What you need to know - What is going on - What should I do? ....... Fast Facts

What's going on in Washington . . . Watch Washington and West Coast
-West Coast has several "clusters". COVID-10 will start popping up in 'clusters' in certain areas IF NOT CONTAINED PROPERLY.
-Washington has asked VP Pence to release some government stash of medical equipment.
-4 of the 6 deaths were in a long term care facility.
-WATCH the West Coast and what they are doing, as an example of what will/would probably happen similarly in your state. -Washington is looking into to buying a hotel to house Quarantines Patients.
-I have not heard much about what anyone else is doing (California/Oregon) - so again 'watch Washington. Earlier I had said 'watch Italy' - as an example of what 'could' happen. Look at it now! Last week we had an alleged 'one case' - now we have over 100 -- Next wk. will be worse.
-The state and national Guard has been called upon in Washington and have been spotted on 3 buses. Not sure where they are stationed. Surge, Isolation and Security is what the Guard will be used for. Washington may call upon the DOD for assistance (Dept. of Defense.)
-COVID has covertly, silently, quietly infecting Washington over the past 2-6 weeks. Watch how the virus progresses and spreads to give you an idea of how it will spread in your town.
-Washington is now able to test 100 per day in state.

Immediate Personal and Family Action to Take:

-Inform family to Wash hands. Hand sanitizer may not work. Wash hands and then use hand sanitizer. If unable to wash hands, do your best with various 99.9% disinfecting gel, wipes and/or spray. A combination of all is better. Be sure to keep these products IN YOUR VEHICLE, and use at all times. When done wipe down vehicle handles, steering wheel, spray keys, gear shift, etc. Use wipes on gas pump handles, credit card machines, etc.
-Try to stay 8 ft. away from all people when you are in public. If you are in a store and someone is 'in your aisle' - backtrack and go to another aisle - don't touch what they touch -- move away from them quickly. When unpacking at checkout line - keep cart behind you to keep anxious people behind you from invading your 'space'.
-Stay home if at all possible. It is time to start family isolation for your own self protection. Nobody is going to tell you to do this. It is up to you to protect yourself and family.
-Should you wear a mask in public? Depends, if you think there is possible future 'clustering' potential. If not, you can do the following: Wear hoodie sweat, cover ears, wear large sunglasses. If you don't have a hoodie, put cotton balls in ears. Remove outer clothing and shoes before/upon entering home.
-Virus can enter through eyes, nose, ears, and mouth -- Just remember the four monkeys - SEE, HEAR and SPEAK no evil ...... plus the nose. ........ Cover full body to best of ability when venturing from home.
-Close home to ALL guests. Nicely make excuses of being busy, etc. Or be honest and tell them you will no longer be allowing guests until this thing passes --- if it ever passes completely. Likewise cancel all outgoing visits. Cancel attendance to all public events or travel immediately.
-If you have a job, start looking at your vacation time and sick leave. Plan accordingly.
-Stock up on medicine, food and non food supplies for 3-4 months.
-Begin securing your property and maybe even get a sign for front door that says something like keep the hell out - we shoot - or whatever. You may not need it 'now', but may need later.
-Stock up on wasp spray or pepper spray - Clorox, peroxide, alcohol, disinfecting wipes, spray and soap. Also, laundry detergent, dish detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, over the counter 'sick' meds - and repeat: Get those prescriptions called in Last Week!
-If you have a family member that is not following sanitary hand washing etc., they must be sat down and talked to. Try to talk to them calmly and explain to them. Put out disinfecting soap, gel and wipes around the house as reminders. Don't forget to wipe the buttons on home alarms, light switches, doors, knobs, microwave buttons, faucet handles, cabinet handles, etc. Computer keyboard.
-STOP EATING OUT "NOW"! It's hard to let some of that go, but you must - your life and that of your family is well worth the sacrifice!

Fast Facts:
-COVID initially does not present symptoms, so any person who is not appearing sick COULD BE A CARRIER. You should look at EVERY SINGLE PERSON as possibly being infected.
-It has been said by several that it can live on surface up to NINE days. Even if not true/or less -- keep this in mind.
-Carriers/infected can expose can spread for 27 days Or More. Depending .....
-"They" tell you to carry on and continue living normal life, but don't listen to 'them' - they don't give a true crap about you. Repeat: It is up to you to protect yourself and family. STOP LIVING a normal life and get the hell prepared, and begin self isolation if there is possibility of a nearby CLUSTER in your area.

Groceries & Food - and MEDS

-Order groceries for PICK UP so you don't have to go into stores. You can also utilize Amazon.com for delivery. Do NOT order anything that does not have FAST delivery. If it takes 5 days or more, then it could be coming from China. Start washing hands after opening mail. DE that mailbox too.
-Continue - continue - non stop to stock up on supplies as funds allow. Be sure to reach to back of shelves for the longer expiration dates on canned goods. (and to keep from avoiding touching the ones in front that could have been touched/exposed.) Do not stop until you have 6-8 months - starting with one month, ,then two - then 3, etc. Meds comes first, food second.
-Check all expiration dates and try to get items that store long term -- (End of 2021, 2022 - and 2023). Also, buy foods that your normally eat. Watch the mayo and other short term expiration date items, and don't get too much of that unless you can store in an extra fridge. Canned meats, vegetables, dried fruit, crackers, freeze tortillas, Chunky soups, and those ready to eat meals are all good. Also stock up on some Gallon jugs of water (way more for money, less plastic and easier to store), veggie, fruit juices. And you can also stock up on a few fresh veggies (celery, apples, cabbage and apples keep for awhile - as do potatoes, onion and eggs if refrigerated), some may be blanched/frozen, eggs, garlic, onion, fruit, gravy and bouillon, oatmeal, cereal. You get more for your money if you buy larger oatmeal, etc. Try to avoid canned tomatoes and get jars - as acid products with tomatoes taste 'canny' after awhile. Also you can get tomato paste in tube from amazon with decent expiration date, you can also refrigerate items that are about to expire to extend shelf life. ALSO get apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, items with vinegar keep longer.
-Keep the kids from opening refrigerator door to extend shelf life of foods. Clean out and organize your fridge and freezer for more storage space. Likewise, you can organize your cupboards to make for more storage space. Organize your canned goods and mark expiration dates on top AND front of all cans and organize them with longest expiration date on bottom and back - with those about the expire in front - Use black Sharpie so date stands out and food won't go to waste.

Tidbits, Bullet points, Misc.
-If someone is coughing, sneezing, sniffling - remove yourself from their presence IMMEDIATELY. Do not pass go!
-Start planning ahead for child care should you need to keep children home from school. Start talking to them 'now' about what is going on, without scaring them 'too much'. BUT they need to know the seriousness of things, if they are old enough.
-Start planning ahead to get your bills paid easily ..... Get everything set up with online banking so you don't have to go to the post office. Also, remember maybe someone 'licked that envelope' when receiving mail.
-Grab some seeds and plant them ASAP, Also grab some plants to plant. Lettuce, potatoes, onions, bell or sweet peppers, tomatoes, celery, greens, kale, etc. Get them ground appropriately for your area. Time to start seeds is NOW. Grab some of those 'seed tapes' by Burpee - they are easy and great. You can put in planters too - or use a 5 gallon bucket.
-Stock up on baby wipes, Vitamin C, other vitamins, vodka, candy and bic lighters, charcoal, lighter fluid, propane.
-Should you lose power or water ..... down the road or in emergency situation .... Make sure you have good radio with batteries, GET BATTERIES, water filtration, solar power, candles, flashlights and all that good survival stuff.
-Google prepper list - you will find many, and use as guide.
-Ramen noodles are cheap, tuna has good shelf life, print and download instructions in case internet goes out. i.e how many drops of bleach per gallon of water, etc., planting guides, and books/magazines for leisurely reading. Games for kids.
-Do you have enough socks, underwear and toothpaste, shampoo and Q-tips. Don't forget cotton balls, ketchup, mustard and staples such as Bisquick, sugar, flour etc.

The End.

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