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Message Subject virus is from bat soup, meteorite, or bio weapons lab
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Trump seems to be a player and the west king and that is not a problem except Melania is still a player also which makes three players including HF and that it like me and lucifer being two guys and #1 is the woman and you won't get too far with that because Lucifer is separate from me and you can't be vs us both or you would obviously lose. So either Melania or trump has to be the player or you need a 4th player it seems for Melania and as of now it is fred the troll/white army General. His problem is he is trying to steal women from me so now the land of the south has to wage war against the trolls that border the south and west lands. Then maybe you will decide who is the player and who is the NPC and stop trying to fucking rape women with your homosexual military.

Then trump is trying to enter the danger woods with his army and JK is resisting him with his band of faggat monsters and trump is attacking one of their towers at the edge of the forest. And that is probably why the south sent the royal guard after HF so they could evade JK.
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