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Message Subject virus is from bat soup, meteorite, or bio weapons lab
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I did not say when I lay down it is the lake of fire because I didn't know that was what caused it but I told her it is like she is wearing energy pants and had to ignore what she felt from the waist down if she wanted to be able to communicate with me while I was communicating with men (because sexy time for her was not always sexy time for me) and she chose not to ignore her energy pants and instead said scott was spying.

And I told her not to worry about Scott because if I couldn't easily stop him or him and Austin then I didn't care enough to do anything because it is only two people and they are 666 and the false prophet and maybe she needed to rethink her expectation of privacy as a witch when they are also her own fucking father and brother.

And damon says he would only be there as the second guy trying to get rid of JK. JK says that he was there because he is a piece of shit and wanted to see t.s. while she was having sex and I really would not care to be honest and I am not supposed to because he is the devil and that is the same overexpectation of privacy.
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