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Message Subject virus is from bat soup, meteorite, or bio weapons lab
Poster Handle Mike I
Post Content
Here is the giza necropolis and plateau with a 33.3 mile perimeter 60 square mile area [link to ibb.co (secure)]

Here is what I say is the land of the four kingdoms with the hebron mountains as the north corner and mount sodom as the east corner and with a 120 mile perimeter and 880 square mile are [link to ibb.co (secure)]

Here is the Sinai desert with a 666 mile perimeter [link to ibb.co (secure)]

And here is the 260 mile trip from Mount Sodom which is 180 miles to Egypt and 80 miles to Cairo, and giza is 8 miles to the west of that [link to ibb.co (secure)]

Mapping and using the sinai is supposed to block or replace whatever you are using the moon for.
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