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Message Subject virus is from bat soup, meteorite, or bio weapons lab
Poster Handle Mike I
Post Content
Every single woman who has imagined sucking the dick of, jerking off, or having sex with a man other than myself in the past 8 years to try to exchange energy or knowingly with another man and call it dancing or anything else those women will be skinned and burned alive.

The only way you will change my mind is if you change it to within the past 2 years since jian is supposed to have figured me out. Then any woman who has attempted to do with another man what jian has done with me through knowledge of it will be skinned and burned alive and that includes jian and the chinese women.

That is beyond an offense to me and what it is says to me is that you need to be tortured from the face of my earth and I will remove ever single woman like that who has tried any man other than myself with the exception of boys under the age of 8. If you think I am kidding you will find yourself in a world of grown men and children waiting for the next generation of women to come of age so they can go back to cooking and doing the laundry.
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