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Message Subject virus is from bat soup, meteorite, or bio weapons lab
Poster Handle Mike I
Post Content
I do not care about men they are background noise and this is about women and me breaking your necks because the protection of the law has made you monsters. And 4000 years ago women like you would be killed as soon and as recent as 80 years ago you would be smacked in the face if you acted how you do now. And jian is an example of a woman who has spoken to me in ways that she should have had her head pushed through her store window.

And you women think you are tough bitches only because you can call 911 and in Africa cunts like you have your tits chopped off and are shot in the back of the head to fall into a ditch. So I am going to break the noses of women and snatch the hair from their heads and break their wrists and lay low their eyes where they stand. And a woman will eat shit if I tell her to or she will be thrown into a giant blender. And you nasty disgusting women are the wives and mothers of the men in the world who commit evil and oppress nations and commit murders and otherwise terrorize decent people. And it is because the law has allowed you to become horrible creatures and the law only answers to money in this country which is the nature of capitalism that no one cares as long as it is profitable.

And I will use force to straighten the wombs of women so that their seed stop coming out crooked and malformed and intent on committing evil on my earth
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