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Message Subject virus is from bat soup, meteorite, or bio weapons lab
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Then the same insurance lady from last time called and I'm done and #1 said I was tickling her by laying down and she said she fucked me and I am too tired to get up now.
 Quoting: Mike I

Yes I went to the insurance lady and #1 said it tickled her and that is not my problem. Your problem now all of you is you can't get your nazis around my mummies and you won't.

It seems like they deleted the account that I made and whoever did that will suffer for it worse than they can imagine and will wish they hadn't. And any law enforcement still involved with this and any GLP admin or mods helping them will never come back from their homosexuality and that is final for deleting my account and for the bad karma. Keep fucking with me and I am going to turn you scumbags into inside out savages.

Now because you did that make #1 suck on my cock very sexy and give me a good blowjob until I tell her to stop and make help me jerk me off while #1 sucks. And I'm going to teach you fucking faggats to not make me angry because you will always get what you do not want from me and fuck you cops and fuck you GLP you are both dead skull_fing
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