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COVID-19 mutates twice per month.Seattle 2500 possible cases in the next three weeks.First case of zombie like behaviour by the end of the year ?

Anonymous Coward
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03/03/2020 01:06 PM
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COVID-19 mutates twice per month.Seattle 2500 possible cases in the next three weeks.First case of zombie like behaviour by the end of the year ?
My theory is based on the following:

1) NCOV-19 mutates every 2 weeks.Tests were made on two samples:
- one taken on Jan 19 from the first US confirmed case returning from Wuhan
- 2nd was taken on Feb 28 from someone that accused mild flu symptoms, and was diagnosed later to have the coronavirus

Researchers found out that the 2nd sample is identical to first, except that it had three aditional mutations.The current mutations are to small to change the way in wich the virus behaves right now, they added.
Problem is, no one can predict if the mutation rates will change overtime and what the new behaviour mutation will be.
Also, this is a zoonotic virus so the mutation can be accelerated by passing to an animal host and the next cold season back to humans with N mutations making it way worse than it is now.And lets not forget the hot season and mosqitoes.

You can read the full article here, contains the Seattle predicted cases number also for those interested:
[link to bedford.io (secure)]

2) NCOV-19 affects the CNS not just the lungs.Despite not beeing known to be a neurotropic virus,like HIV, the new NCOV-19 has been proven to contain HIV insertions beeing able to pass from blood to the cerebrospinal fluid and reach brain areas like:
- Medulla.The one responsible for the control and regulation of respiration.The virus incapacitates the chemoreceptors, making the body believe you recieve enough oxigen, when in reality you`ve stoped breathing.This leads to death by asphyxiation in certain cases.
Article here:
[link to onlinelibrary.wiley.com (secure)]
- Cerebellum. Responsible for motor functions like equilibrium and posture. The virus incapacitates its function leading to sudden colapse.You can see alot of peoples in vids, walking normaly, then out of nowhere they colapse on street.
- Temporal lobes.This part is a theory, i havent found any article on this yet.This could explain the seizures we`re seeing at some patients. They are mostly known to occur in the temporal lobe. Also the lobes are situated close to cerebellum and medulla unlike the parietal and frontal lobe, so its easy to speculate that the virus can reach them pretty fast. The other parts become irelevant at this point, since the patient is dead or in a near death coma by now.

Article related to neurological implications due to respiratory virus infections for those interested:
[link to www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov (secure)]

Why zombies ? No, i dont mean zombies that chase you to eat your brain, lol, but the accelerated rythm at which the virus mutates and his ability to affect different areas of our brain, could lead to zombie like behaviour in some cases.