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Message Subject STAND STILL
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
Post Content
The magnetic reversal is hundreds of thousands of years in the future according to scientists.

But hey ya never know
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77800011

I would suggest you look at times the sun is rising and setting and notice also the wobble in the earth. The sun is rising where I live since September varying from 15 to 30 minutes early.. I hope to get a timing with clear early skies soon.. could have today but I was busy and forgot. In september the sun was rising and setting 30 minutes OFF...I could get a high noon time if I wanted to bother. you see I DO KNOW what is coming.

A whole bunch of us are dizzy today because of the wobble. It feels at lot like motion sickness.

Scientist know jack shit about this and it happens usually about every 12,000 Years in fact. Last time we got an axis shift too... and that is a reason why where are mostly only more recent records plus the flood maybe 4000 years later or so.

The planet cleanses herself every single time it is in the photon belt which is about every 12,000 years. Its time.

the cosmic energies and the spiritual NONE maturity of the residents get the cleansing done. This is hopefully the last time of a major cleanse because the planet is now also in the WAVE from Paradise... Lots of you are feeling that.

Christ came when he did to prepare this world for its ascension into higher frequency.. which is WHAT the wave does.

Love to you 2
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