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Message Subject STAND STILL
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
Post Content
Do Understand as you carefully read the message in post one.. that Christ Jesus is saying this is the END ... and new to start. It is the final ending of the Lucifer Rebellion and some of the "call" of last chance in the piece is for them.. but also these end of STAGES chaos is also to bring others to FAITH... People seek the Father whenever big shit hits the fan.. this is the big shot. Many during this last chaos period will bend the knee to God.

This Corona virus thing... the decreased shipping of goods and much much more.. is the final stage of chaos. The Mother planet will STAND STILL during the magnetic reversal SHE is going to do shortly.

During that stand still...all not of GOD leaves. Every 12,000 years roughly. The planet magnetics et all DO THIS plus being in the Photo belt.

You can catch up on my Millennial Reign of Christ Jesus thread here about the plans after that reversal.

Thread: The Millennial Reign of Christ Jesus
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