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Solano County (California community outbreak ground zero) Public Health's Corona Virus Town Hall

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United States
03/04/2020 10:19 PM
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Solano County (California community outbreak ground zero) Public Health's Corona Virus Town Hall
They played it exactly as I knew they would. The doctor (who is in charge of the county's corona response) was like: nothing to see here, just wash your hands and accept that it's going to go through the community unchecked.
At one point, a man stood up to ask about testing. It seems his wife is a physician and she is very sick, but not hospitalized. They've refused to test her or him. She's been exposed to corona patients, but they won't test her because not enough test kits and they'll only test the gravely ill who are hospitalized. The doctor became annoyed (he's the one who has to sign off on allowing a test) and said that in the time he'd been talking, he's had a dozen inquiries phoned in from doctors wanting to test their patients. he said he's going to tell them the same thing: No test unless you're admitted to the hospital and are sick enough to warrant the established protocol. He seemed to feel that we need to just let it run through the community and that it's going to eventually come to the point where the survivors (my words, not his) are going to develop some level of immunity so that when it comes back every year, we'll get less sick. He's apparently of a mind that we should just accept it and behave no differently than we do towards the common cold.
He even said it was no problem that the virus was already spreading through the schools, as the kids won't be affected much. He said sterilizing the classrooms with antibacterial cleaners was nonsense, except that it's always good to get rid of grime and dirt.
The takeaway, for me, was that they plan to do nothing but treat those who become critically ill and that everyone else will have to deal, just like they do with the common cold or flu.
Many of you are going to tell me that this is no worse than a seasonal flu. This is exactly the sentiment the government health agencies are putting forth. You are on the same page as they are. Unfortunately, it seems the majority of folks will not change their personal hygiene habits and are not at all worried. I already am surrounded by coworkers who think this is a joke and won't wash their hands or change their behavior in any way. And I work in a hospital, so I can't even imagine how it is outside of the healthcare environment.
If I get sick, I'm going to go to a different county to be treated. my GP is in San Mateo county, but I don't know if they're taking a similar approach there. It's obvious that this county does not want to make the diagnosis for whatever reason. They seem to feel that the knowledge is more dangerous than the disease and would prefer that we just pretend it's just the flu.