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Message Subject US will run out of hospital beds by May 6 (must read!)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I just want to clarify things.

Hospitals beds aren't a large giant pot where you can lump everyone into the mix.

It's regional.

Generally, crews will not fly or ambulance someone over 30-50 miles to another facility unless it is considered a EMTALA situation.

So you must look at beds from the immediate areas of hospital access.

Northern California different than Oregon, but northern Oregon does overload with Seattle Metropolitan area. So the ability for patients to overload their hospital and spill over to the next county is available or state depending on the true access and availability.

South Korea is a good example of this where we are very certain that local hospitals were saturated and spilover occured. But because of their efforts, their numbers appeared to have plateaued and are going downwards.

If there is no such efforts in the united states, beds will exhaust at a regional level relative to when the critical mass of ongoing infections occured. If there is confirmed unknown tranmission cases, that is the beginning.

Thread: Mortality Rates will Skyrocket once America's medical system is overloaded to WUHAN/IRAN levels
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