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Message Subject The REAL COVID death rates as they stand now. The 3% and 6% crap is nothing but lies and propaganda.
Poster Handle PhobiaDHS
Post Content
Even after all this time, people quote death rates based on total cases as if they have any meaning at all. Here are the real death rates so you can see how scary this thing can be when real numbers are looked at. Especially early on.

China (FAKE): 5.3%
Italy: 46.5%
Iran: 10.6%
S. Korea: 17.9%
Spain: 26.2%
France: 73.3%
Germany: 10.7%
United States: 78.4%
World wide w/ China #s: 6.2%
World wide excluding China: 20.9%

I don't know where all the 3 and 6% bull shit came from but it needs to be checked with a quickness.
 Quoting: PhobiaDHS

The 6.6% rate is the full set of your preceding numbers.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78501714

If Chinese numbers are included, yes. But none of their numbers nor anything they have said to this point make sense mathematically. Hence their artificially low death rate. Once you remove their numbers from the jumble, the world wide death rate jumps from just over 6% up to nearly 21%.
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