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Message Subject Coronavirus In Hawaii, news and coconut wireless updates: Governor Extends 14-Day Travel Quarantine and Stay-at-Home Order to May 31st
Poster Handle Westsail
Post Content
All travelers in the state of Hawaii must now register with .gov website before being allowed to leave the airports.

[link to safetravels.hawaii.gov (secure)]

Before traveling to Hawaii, please create an account and provide us with the required information regarding your plans. This will expedite your exit from the airport.

Once you arrive in Hawaii, you will be required to show the confirmation page from this website and your government issued identification to the airport screening personnel.

Then, you will be allowed to proceed to the location you have selected for your self-quarantine for 14 days or the duration of your stay in Hawaii, whichever is shorter.

You will be required to check in on this application daily to report your health condition. As part of this check-in, you will be required to verify your quarantine location, provide location data, and update your health status.

Pursuant to the Governor’s proclamation and the Rules Relating to COVID-19, by utilizing this web application, you agree to comply with the following:
Fully complete the information as required in this web application.
Proceed directly from the airport to your designated quarantine location. If you are a resident, your designated quarantine location is your residence. If you are a visitor, your designated quarantine location is your hotel room or rented lodging.
Remain in your designated quarantine location for a period of 14 days or the duration of your stay in the State of Hawaii, whichever is shorter.
You may leave your designated location (residence, rented lodging, or hotel room) only for medical emergencies or to seek medical care.
Do not visit public spaces, including but not limited to pools, meeting rooms, fitness centers, or restaurants.
Do not allow visitors in or out of your designated quarantine location other than a physician, healthcare provider, or individual authorized to enter the designated quarantine location by the Director of HIEMA.
Comply with any and all rules or protocols related to your quarantine as set forth by your hotel or rented lodging.
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