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Subject Pray with every fiber in your body that President Trump is not ill with Wuhan corona
Poster Handle the patrician
Post Content
Yes, I believe it is true President Trump did not seem his usual self in last evening's sperch. He may have the virus, but I pray not. As for Pence possibly having it, could be but I also hope not..because you know who is next in the chain of command? Speaker Pelosi! ! if that doesn't scare you, I don't know what will!!

I pray Trump is not ill because although I am a Christuan, VP Pence creeps me out almost as much as Pelosi. There is something about him that I get a bad vibe about. Maybe, It is That He is So UANIMATED Next To Trump's energy, but I still would not feel comfortable with him leading our country even if temporarily and if it came down to Pelosi, then God help us all!
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