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Subject VA calling Veterans.
Poster Handle My Fear
Post Content
I just received a call from the VA this evening. The person on the other end wanted to know how I was feeling. Asking if I had any cold, coughs or fever now or recently. They also wanted to know too if I had traveled anywhere outside the USA or was in contact with anyone I knew had the Coronavirus.

Besides my daughter being sick with a cold and me with the seasonal allergy sniffles and an annoying cough at night, I would said everything was very normal. No fever and nothing out of the ordinary.

They thanked me for my service and reminded me to contact the VA if there were any changes.

Weird. Do you think they are going to call each and every veteran?

I feel like the CV is blown way out of proportion, but probably a better way to say we are broke and TPTB wants to reset the financial system. So here is the smoke in mirrors.

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