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Message Subject what COVID 19 actually is
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
Post Content
OP - there is so much stuff associated with this event that aligns with Wonderland coding, which in turn implies a lot of truth to the idea of a judgement or reckoning for the prior targeting of the innocent of the world.

The sea food markets
The isolation and rationing
The incineration of the living
The closing of schools, universities, stopping of Disneyland, sporting venues events
The washing of hands
The stopping of ships

Everything seems so coded that scrutiny must be applied.

The world has been challenged by elitist groups forming a network to target the masses they see as below them in horrendous and often unseen ways - many of which have only started to become recognised in the last decade and possibly even more recently on any relevant scale able to change social perceptions by suitable numbers as to force change: corruption in government - re war mongering and arms deals and drug and crime trafficking; indoctrination of children for crime by failing to educate and so on - mass pedophilia and indoctrination along those lines - mass cover-ups - budget embezzling - corrupt police and legal services - social services, child services - mass genocides and mass euthanasia implemented by covert means - it is horrendous.

A washing of hands is a biblical reference which refers to a change - a removal of those who have been on one side "of the fence" to the other and vice versa: people who have been helping in these covert ops being removed and those who can help forge a better future being brought forth.
 Quoting: HairyBarbarian

Hotel industry suffering; flights and transport suffering; sports venues; schools - medical industry under strain - Italian nurses battered - all coded language.

To explain simply - Arlington Road times by the world - = all their deeds are known - and the coming of change is here - the end to elitism of this nature - from the head to the roots - from grass level all the way up - networks which go from street level all the way through and up the community - private governance by a private sector - to end.

The death of the deep state.
 Quoting: HairyBarbarian

Love to you 2thank you 3
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