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Message Subject US Just surpassed 4100 confirmed cases
Poster Handle Hamburgerwagon
Post Content
Rigt now: 4141 infected, increase of 1141 cases in 24 hours. Which means more than 30% increase per day. It could end today close to 5k infected and tomorrow, if the projection keeps the current pace, close to 6800.
 Quoting: MaybeTrollingUAgain

just means we are testing more, doesnt indicate spread.

500,000 are probably infected already
 Quoting: Hamburgerwagon

Easily, and now that we know the Symptoms are minor and mirror the commom Cold and Allergies...

This thing is gonna be near impossible to detect with widespread testing.

What are you more likely to assume is causing your cough?
 Quoting: Fiestyfiddle

Right, like only 25% are supposedly ever going to feel bad enough to go to the hospital or get tested. I guess when it is all said and done was can multiply the official cases by 4 and probably have a more accurate count of what the spread was.
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