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Message Subject What about court orders during national emergency?
Poster Handle MP2302
Post Content
I’m in Ca,unfortunately.

I have 50/50 custody.

When can someone violate the state order and protect their children during a crisis like this.

Do I still have to meet in a parking lot during a nuclear Holocaust because a local court says so, or is there exemptions?

Like for example a pandemic?

Does anyone know about a federal law that gives guidance on justified willful disobedience of a state order during a national emergency.

Any idea or reference to a state/federal law would be appreciated.

Just wondering cuz this can get complicated for a many people for many a whiles
 Quoting: MP2302

Lol. When the system crashes, there will be no rule of law. It was all voluntary anyway.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73437028

Nawwww, don’t play stupid, you know what I mean; that grey area, I need some federal codes here please and not a wise ass response pigchef
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