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Anthony Migchels--"We Face the Mother of all Depressions" (Agenda 2030)

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United States
03/18/2020 02:40 PM
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Anthony Migchels--"We Face the Mother of all Depressions" (Agenda 2030)
[link to www.Hitler (secure)] was a fairy.com/2020/03/migchels-mother-of-all-depressions.html

Anthony Migchels--"We Face the Mother of all Depressions"
March 18, 2020

There is no pandemic. Coronavirus is cover
for unprecedented money creation, a pretext
to bankrupt and destroy the West.

"Ten years from now, the West will be unrecognizable.
Not a shadow of its former self."

Let nobody tell you the current financial meltdown is about 'the Corona virus'.

The Collapse began September 27th last year, when the repo market's interest-rate spiked to 10%. Banks have to balance their books every night, and they borrow from each other to do this. This interest-rate spike meant they stopped lending to each other. Like they did in 2008, when the Libor rates went to similar territory. They haven't lent to each other since. The Fed has been bailing them out every night. The virus is cover for another bank bailout.

Not 'just another bank bail out'. The whole thing is melting down. The Derivative Bubble. The Debt Bubble. Corona is what they created to distract everybody with. A to Z, make no mistake, I do not say this lightly.

And it had been ongoing since September.

And think about it: they published that novel in the eighties, about how a 'virus' 'from wuhan' was going to wreak havoc in '2020'.

These fucktards have known this would be the date for literally multi-score decades.

NO PANDEMIC..............
The (((least virtuous))) are the most (((self righteous))).