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COVID-19 and the Food Manufacturing industry

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United States
03/18/2020 06:42 PM
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COVID-19 and the Food Manufacturing industry
Has anyone considered the possibility of some food supplies becoming contaminated (deliberately or accidentally) during production / before packaging?

What assurances do we have as consumers that no super spreaders / bad actors are spreading the virus within the production lines of any major food companies?

On the off chance that some packaged food has been contaminated, how long could the virus survive and is there anything that can be done (i.e. cooking, changing pH) to decontaminate it?

What new policies, if any, have food manufacturers put in place to prevent their products from becoming contaminated with COVID-19?

Will the risk of human contamination of essential goods lead to the ushering in of fully automated manufacturing?

He who controls food controls the world.

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