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Message Subject $1200 Whole Dollars? WOW....and this is supposed to HELP People who lost their jobs? How?
Poster Handle Pees and Ques
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Give people 100,000. There is only 330 million people in the US. That is nothing compared to the 1 Trillion they are about to steal and give to themeselves and their friends
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78356753

330 million X 1000 = 330 billion

330 mil X 10,000 = 3.3 trillion

330 mil X 100,000 = 33 trillion

Where is this money supposed to come from?

Some families with 6+ children are already being given food stamps, housing, healthcare, and welfare. You want to give them 800,000 while me, a single, older, recently crippled person who worked all her life $100,000? As I am having difficulty finding a job and was forced to start drawing my Social Security, I won't even get the $1200.

It is the ideology of the Replublican party that the few should represent the masses. Bernie Sanders has always stood up against corporate America and has tried to expose the many tax benefits they have been given. He exposed the corruption in the 2008 bailout. Not saying I support his socialist reforms, but, he has been demonized by this forum while Trump has been held up to be a god.

Idealistically, I do support socialism, it is just that it has been proven not to work. Those without have even less while the few rulers are still wealthy and authoritarian.
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