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Message Subject To stock up on gasoline or not !
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm filling everything I can TODAY !!! Sea foam ....I don't have much storage...yoda
 Quoting: blackdiamond

Seafoam is not for storing fuel it is a cleaner. Need stabil for storing. I am a Marine tech so take this info serious. We use seafoam in summerizing and stabil for winterizing.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77195896

This is correct. Injectors/carb dirty? Sea Foam. Gas in storage? Stabil. There are other products but Stabil buys you at least a coupe more years.

I've been rotating gasoline for just over 11 years. I keep 2 barrels (55gal) full most times. I tend to keep it for about a year, max. I try to average six months but doesn't always work out. When gas is cheap, I'll use out of the barrel as I fill cans. I use up the oldest barrel then refill it when the price is cheap. I never touch but one barrel at a time. Gas is good for two years. I've seen it good for 5 years without stabil. Just depends on the gas and the conditions. I've seen it dead in 3 years in small tanks. It is mostly about temperature. Both stable temperature and cooler is better too. Right now, I've full up. I've got a 6 month old barrel, a brand new barrel that was almost a year old that I just filled, and then I filled my 4, 5gal jugs. I'll use out of the old barrel then dump the jugs in and refill them if its cheap. I've been doing this for 11 years.

I find that there is no degradation of untreated gasoline in a 55gal barrel after even 2 years. All my vehicles burned it fine. At the time of the test I was using a 1995 Mazda Protege (basically, a Ford Focus), a 1996 Ford Explorer and a 1992 Toyota Tercel. I let one barrel get old for a test. No problem.

With this rumor, I would recommend topping off your vehicle(s) every couple days and buy a couple 5gal jugs, and fill them. When the car gets low, dump the jug in to top off the car, then fill the jug. Do the other jug the next top off. It will give you at least double the gas capacity of a small car and 50% more in a larger vehicle.

My setup is the two racing fuel barrels that say "WASTE OIL" on them. I pour a little used on on the top of them to make them look nasty. But, inside is clear, clean gasoline! I set them up on 2x4s to keep them off the concrete. I also have "Sorb-all" around them. Keeps the mosture away and looks like where I dump waste oil. I figure If I need to I can roll one of those into my covered trailer and make it a long, long way.

I used a hand pump. It cost a bunch. Don't buy a cheap one, they suck. The is a stroke pump and not a rotary. It was like $200. Makes it nice. Pumps about a pint per stroke.

Good luck. ...and be careful. Gasoline is EXTREMELY flammable. Its not that it burns that crazy, its that it lights REALLY REALLY EASY!
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