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Subject Create new product! Like a bug bomb, a disinfecting gas-in-a-can you set off in any area.
Poster Handle Catmandoo
Post Content
Someone should start making this item. It would sell like TP!

Like a bug killer that you use at home that you snap on in a closed off room. It permeates every nook and cranny to kill insects like fleas and spiders. This new area mister would have a chlorine base that would kill all viruses and bacteria on every surface in the treated area.

Being simple chlorine base, it would not leave a poisoned residue nor take hours to dissipate. All the necessary precautions would apply of course. Put out the pets, remove any foods, put out any flames...you know the drill.

The government would be a big customer right now. You could gas entire homes where the Chinese Virus or any other illness causing infectant was present. Hospital waiting areas, Triage Tents, School rooms, churches, public restrooms, shelters, restaurants. Just drop the bombs at closing and return to a sanitary area the next day.

Time's a wasting folks. I am sure there is an entrepreneur out there who could make it happen.

Chop chop! (Made in the USA I hope)
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