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Report stocked stores for the hungry

User ID: 78417637
United States
03/21/2020 06:21 PM
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Report stocked stores for the hungry
I’m a prepper so I’m good. We live in a small town in Colorado. Our three stores are overwhelmed with people coming down from Colorado Springs and Denver to take supplies off our hands. If there is an abundance we should share. Some don’t have food, diapers or formula. Some don’t have TP, etc. let’s share our knowledge for all those non-preppers that were late to the party.

We have lots a candy in Canon City. I’m sure if there is a town out there with TP we would love to know. No one can prep completely, but I’m sure TP was never on anyone’s list for stock rotations... that was wild! I’m looking for hydrogen peroxide if anyone knows of any stores that have it.