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Subject GLP: Microcosm of AMERICA
Poster Handle WHITE BIRD
Post Content
I do not usually open threads such as Captain Obvious, but curiosity got the better of me. I even read it all! This forum has become so low and childish, that some of the more intelligent people have left. What strikes me is that most of you are Americans, I assume, and wonder what the rest of the world watching thinks. You wonder why Americans are not well thought of throughout the world. I know. Flames are coming out already. I am not the least bit worried about that as I know who I am and do not need this forum to boost my self-esteem.
The fact that there is a select group who are the “stars” and “starlet’s” in the little clique and are so widely praised and for the life of me wonder why. Only one has ever spoken to me. So if these people are so special, why are they so snobby?
The thread and others like it, is about the ugliest display of trashing of each other. This is the season of giving, sharing and LOVE. Is this the way you act with your family and friends? Do you smack your spouse/partner or kick your kids around? Your country is a mess and I do not see that this has anything to do but create more negativity. Change comes from within. I wouldn’t have half of you for a friend.
I hope you will all wake up and re-read from an objective standpoint. It seems the age mentality is no more than grade school in regards to maturity.
Incidentally, I rarely see these people on the threads with intelligent ideas.
OK..go ahead and flame!
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