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Message Subject GLP: Microcosm of AMERICA
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Thought maybe you were talking about the degradation of sports, which like GLP, sex, drugs, & drink, are used by the masses and government to oblitetate awareness of everyday reality.

so, (from John Birch´s earlier thread which you must have missed)...

My main concern today is the Nunn-Lugar Act. It seems that Nunn-Lugar has not been, as originally lauded to be ten years ago by the U.S. Congress, “one of the most visionary enactments of the post-Cold War period”.

Under the Nunn-Lugar Act, for the past ten years Congress has been providing approximately $1 Billion of taxpayer-burden a year to Russia and other states of the former Soviet Union to help them dismantle their nuclear warheads and their means of delivery of those warheads- missiles, long-range aircraft, and submarines. To date, American taxpayers have supported this Act of Congress to the tune of approximately $10 Billion.

Russian President Putin, just last week, announced to the world that Russia has developed and is fielding a new of ICBM weapon system of a type the world has never before seen.

So tell me, Honorable Ladies and Sirs of Congress, have we and are we, the American People, subsidizing the Russian Military-Industrial Complex by funding the Nunn-Lugar Act during the past decade and into the coming years?

Our Intelligence Services are surely lacking and need revamping if our government was totally in the dark and surprised by Mr. Putin´s’ announcement last week. It’s bordering on, if not is, malfeasance by our government if it had prior knowledge of this development and yet did nothing about stopping our indirect funding of it.

I believe that had the Nunn-Lugar Act not been enacted and funded for the past ten years, Mr. Putin would not have had been able to make this bold announcement last week.

Let us fund Nunn-Lugar for ten more years and see what other weapon-systems American´s can subsidize for the Russian military!
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