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Message Subject GLP: Microcosm of AMERICA
Poster Handle Little dark one
Post Content
I think this thread is right on the money. I happen to believe that everything in some form or another is a microcosim of the larger whole.

The challenge is how to police the discord. I am not a fan of third party moderating bodies i.e. THE POLICE, in any form... but until we are able to police OURSELVES the outside police will contiue to exist.

As far as this forum is concerned I would propose not responding to the culprits even when they attack you personally. Donīt even respond to a post containing abusive comments or language.

This is just a little thing but it could lead to more pleasant experiences for those who are just simply seeking some answers and info. And by focusing on cleaning up the micro we could actually influence the macro. This to me is the inherent power lying dormant within the internet.

Donīt worry be Hopi.
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