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The reality of our future is not what we might think..

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 76302289
03/21/2020 08:51 PM
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The reality of our future is not what we might think..
So much is happening right now and I have been putting pieces of a bigger puzzle together and what it proves is that governments around the globe are coming to breaking Point.

There are so many on the brink to wage a war, but it won't be a war of weapons but of choice.

Choice 1 is if you want to survive this world today you will need to listen and be obedient and if your country can be calm and organized it can bring a new reset to the whole world which in some terms humanity needs, such as the way we actually look after this planet we call home.
Our ability to change the way we live will also need to be a focus of our daily lives.

Choice 2 is more crazy but society is on the brink of collapsing due to people living life so much more intesnly than we ever have done before.
We have fed a machine called the system for too long its reaching breaking point and needs to be put into maintenance.

Governments around the world know this and that it needs an upgrade urgently, they just don't know how yet and are trying anything to save it. If they can't we will be waiting for the younger generations to take thier place.

Countries will only have the system to blame but we created it ourselves so it is up to us to do the maintenance it badly needs.

Choice three
But on the other side of consequence could be an even bigger problem that won't be a good outcome such as our government is hiding a bigger secret of an actual war, or impending global disaster, so the choice is to follow the main flow life as we know it, reservedly, respectfully and grateful to exist in the future of our world.