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Message Subject Sorry to break it to you, the virus is real. It's 100 times worse than the flu, and it's about to spread EVERYWHERE
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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How about the law of diminishing returns? When the social upheaval and rioting outcomes cause more deaths and anguish than the actual disease? These city lock downs will be the petri dishes for the civil disobedience to come?

If no relief in 20 days then the gloves come off regardless of the disease BS. The forbearance at losing life, liberty and pursuit of happiness has limits and there is a danger anti-Americans embedded within government might use a medical emergency to execute a coup d’état installing a authoritarian government.

If medical professionals with all their resources, protocols and biohazard suits are getting sick or dead due to covid-19, there is little hope for the common citizen so decommission the quarantines or lockdowns. Let nature take its course. You can't legislate the risk out of life. The show must go on rather than live in fear in a fox hole.
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