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Message Subject Sorry to break it to you, the virus is real. It's 100 times worse than the flu, and it's about to spread EVERYWHERE
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Fact. The CDC has admitted this has been spreadin for months and the realistic number of cases is more like 3 million, and it is likely 5-6 million. That puts the death percentage more like .004%-.008%

Fact. 99.9% of the deaths have been in people with comorbidity and other health issues. 99% have been elderly people.

Fact. Italy has the oldest population of any country going, with a massive population of heavy smokers. They lose hundreds a day to normal flu and illness normally. And, there is evidence they are counting manybdeaths that were due to other illness and lumping it in with coronavirus. Also, there was a 4chan post from like October saying this was a planned bioweapon release and that Italy would be one of the targets.

Fact. Hydrochloroquine, zpak and zinc have been proven to cure it. And liberal communist morons here are making it illegal to use it. It would save thousands. Liberals are basically fucking murderers. 

So stop fear mongering retatd.
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