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Salvini Demands Answers –Does a 2015 Italian Documentary Prove COVID-19 was created in a Chinese Lab

Annie Oakley
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03/26/2020 09:27 PM

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Salvini Demands Answers –Does a 2015 Italian Documentary Prove COVID-19 was created in a Chinese Lab

Former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is demanding answers about the origin of the Chinese coronavirus, particularly in relation to a revived 2015 Italian scientific documentary translated exclusively below by RAIR Foundation USA. In what appears to be a coordinated attack, the mainstream media has viciously targeted Salvini for asking reasonable questions, which suggests that he is onto something they would rather bury.

In 2015, Italian state broadcaster RAI aired Leonardo, a show dedicated to science, which revealed that Chinese scientists had created a pulmonary “supervirus” from bats and mice “for study purposes” that is capable of attacking humans. Salvini and other party leaders are demanding to know if there is a connection with the research featured in the 2015 documentary and the Chinese coronavirus, which has wreaked havoc on Italy.

In the scientific documentary, Chinese researchers in a laboratory in Beijing managed to graft a surface protein of a coronavirus found in bats onto a virus that causes SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in mice. It should be noted that SARS was a “114-day epidemic” which “swept 29 countries, affected a reported 8,098 people, [and] left 774 patients dead…” Chinese military surgeon Jiang Yanyong exposed his government’s cover-up of the outbreak that originated in 2002–2003 in the Guangdong Province of China.

According the documentary, the researchers imagined that the hybrid (a “chimera virus”) was suitable for affecting humans, a hypothesis later confirmed by laboratory results.

Furthermore, this specific coronavirus was shown to attach itself to our respiratory cells, triggering the syndrome and thus the organism can infect humans “directly from bats without going through an intermediate species, such as the mouse“.


[link to rairfoundation.com (secure)]